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Iris flowers are in full bloom at Kanuma Kominegahara Shrine

This morning, it’s the first time in a long time to find out how to heal your corona fatigue…・We will tell you about the famous Kominegahara Shrine in Kanuma. Kominegahara Shrine is famous for its beautiful gardens looking into the winter.

Kominegahara and Komine Shrine-1

There is no time to rest at the Shinto shrine because of the theory of Mother Chichi, from New Year’s Day to sj expense, and to New Year’s Day. Nowadays, a new teahouse has finally opened up for the peak teahouse in the garden since the fire spread.

Kominegahara and Komine Shrine-2

It used to be a thatched roof, but unfortunately the new building is a typical one-story roof. It is said that the flowers are in full bloom for about 10 days when the irises are in full bloom… ・This garden is a garden where you can enjoy various walks for about an hour.

Kominegahara and Komine Shrine-3

Why don’t you enjoy it by recommending it in summer… This garden is located at a relatively high place and is called Hyokou 730m, site 8 hectares. ” Furuminegahara Shrine-1 ” ” Furuminegahara Shrine-2 ” ” Furuminegahara Shrine-3 ” ” Furuminegahara Shrine-4 ” ” Furuminegahara Shrine-5